ENT Services

At our Bakersfield ENT Clinic we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues related to the ear, nose, throat, face, sinuses, head and neck regions. The following is a summary of the ENT Services covered by our practice.

Ear Conditions:

Whether you have tinnitus, hearing loss or just need some ear wax removed, we can help you get relief at our Bakersfield Ear Nose and Throat Clinic.  Many conditions can be examined with an otoscope or microscope, hearing test (audiogram), middle ear pressure measurement, special CT Scans, or MRI. Generally most treatments can be provided in the office; however some may require surgery which can be done in the hospital. Read more about .....tinnitus, hearing loss, ear wax removal and others

Nose Conditions:

Our ENT Specialist is ready to help provide relief for our patients who are experiencing problems with medical conditions of the nose.  Unfortunately, inhalant allergy and air pollution are prevalent and problematic in Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley, so these conditions are common here.  Sinusitis and Sinus infections are fairly common conditions of the nose.   Childhood and past untreated nasal injuries may also aggravate ability to breath as well as to have a good night’s rest. Read more about.......sinusitis, sinus infections, nose bleeds, deviated nasal septum and more

Throat Conditions:

We treat many throat conditions at our Bakersfield Ear Nose and Throat Clinic.  From the common sore throat and tonsillitis to the more complicated sleep apnea and snoring problems we help many patients every day.  For more information about the various throat conditions we treat read more  about....sore throats, tonsillitis, sleep apnea, snoring problems, acid reflex and more.

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Dr. Kitt's lobbyDr. Kitt's lobby