Nose or Nasal Conditions and Treatment

The nasal cavity and respiratory tract are complicated but important areas to provide an easy flow of air to our lungs. When something goes wrong inside our nose, it can be very uncomfortable. The common cold, sinus infections, sinusitis, nose bleeds, deviated nasal septums, nasal polyps are among the many conditions that can be treated to bring much needed relief. Should you have any of these conditions we can provide treatment at our Bakersfield ENT Clinic. Please call us if you have any questions.

More details of the variety of conditions possible are as follows:

  1. Sinusitis is known to be a great imposter for causes of facial pain and pressure, headaches, tooth aches, ear pressure, and throat infections. Acute onset sinusitis may come after a cold or flu.  While a chronic infection may be intermittent or persistent for years.

    The Sinuses are air filled cavities inside the bones of the face and forehead and lined with mucous membrane, which constantly produces liquid that drain into the nasal cavity. Any causes of obstructions of such drainage can produce infections in those cavities. Symptoms may include fever, pressure and pain, heavy nasal, post nasal discharge, headaches, and fatigue syndrome. CT scans are helpful and medical regiments are initiated. Successful functional endsoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the gold standard for treating chronic sinusitis. Modern miniature instruments are inserted inside the nose under fiber optic magnifications on a TV screen. This procedure can be done safely with fewer invasions and under general anesthesia as an outpatient. The result is to open the ostia to facilitate the cilia of the sinus membrane to flow out thru the nasal cavity.

  2. Nasal Obstruction can be defined as an untreated anatomical deviation from past injuries to deviated nasal septum, and nasal bones, swollen turbinate mucous membrane from allergies, pollution, and addiction to certain nasal sprays. You may feel like you have a cold most of the time, restless nights, dry and irritated throat, and loss of smell and taste. When pills and sprays do not work, surgery may be helpful to restore normal function.

  3. Nasal and sinus polyps. Allergies and certain unknown factors cause our body’s vascular response in “water logging” of the mucous membrane in the nose and sinuses, which eventually causes complete nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis, and even loss of smell and taste. In some cases sinusitis may expand into the head and orbit causing serious combination of all these symptoms. If medical regiments are not effective, FESS is the treatment of choice. Medical regiments and close follow ups are necessary since recurrences are common. Most patients are much relieved with the procedure.

  4. Nose bleeds is one of the most common nasal conditions with multiple causes. Examination and looking for causes are important. Most nose bleeds are treated with cauterization under topical anesthesia and are usually performed in the office.

  5. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction this membrane lined tube connects the back of the nose with the middle ear. It is a two way value which allows the fluid in the middle ear to drain out and the air bubble from the nose to enter the middle ear. The blockage of the tube will result in earaches, plugged up sensation and hearing loss, in which enlarged adenoids and nasal allergies are common causes in children. Sinus infection and nasal obstruction are common causes in adults. Each case requires individual diagnosis and appropriate treatment.