WELCOME to the website of Dr. Victor Kitt,
an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor in Bakersfield, California.

Dr. Kitt is certified by the American board of Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) and has been practicing as an Ear Nose and Throat specialist in Bakersfield since 1984. He is one of the most experienced ear nose and throat doctors in Bakersfield. So, your health will be in very good hands with Dr. Kitt.

Our Medical clinic is in a new facility in downtown Bakersfield and our staff is committed to provide our patients with quality, prompt, courteous and friendly servce. We also accept most insurance plans at a time when some doctors are stopping this practice. Check with Our Practice page for more details.

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Ear, Nose and Throat Health Issues

Whether you have a hearing loss, ear wax problems, an earache, have difficulty breathing through your nose, snoring problems, sleep apnea, a sore throat, or any unusual symptoms with your ear, nose or throat, Dr. Kitt will be able to help. Check with our ENT Services page for more details.